Zapisnici SGD

The Serbian Geological Society (SGD) publishes periodicals "Zapisnici Srpskog geološkog društva = Comptes rendus des séances de la Société Serbe de géologie" (Zapisnici SGD), first published inside the magazine for professors called "Nastavnik" and since 1894, sporadically in "Delo", a magazine of science, literature and social life. In 1897 the SGD Board obtained an agreement with the "Delo" Editorial on publishing special issues under the current name “which would be exchanged with publications from other geological societies and related institutions”. The journal was released even in times of war, such as in 1915 in Niš. Today, Zapisnici SGD with its century of tradition presents one of the oldest and most respectable Serbian geological journals. 
Scientific results presented by its members and guests at the Society’s meetings are published on an annual basis. Along with scientific papers and reports, the journal regularly publishes different kinds of notes aiming to inform SGD members on current activities in the field of geology. Therefore, the journal intends not only to be scientific, but also a popular and informative voice at the national and international levels. The Editorial Board is regularly constituted by members of the Executive Board, with the President of the Society as Editor in Chief.

The official cited name and abbreviated name of the journal: Zapisnici SGD

ISSN: 0372–9966


Editorial Board (from the year 2013)

Editor in Chief (2012-2014):
Zoran Stevanović

Associate Editors:
Corina Ionescu (RO) - Petrology
Oleg Mandic (A) - Paleontology
János Szanyi (H) - Hydrogeology
Marko Komac (SLO) - Engineering Geology
Neda Bundalo (USA) - Geophysics



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