Letter of Thanks issued to the SGS in the name of 25 years of Geological Survey of the Republic of Srpska

At the ceremony of the 25th anniversary of the Geological Survey of the Republic of Srpska, which was held on the 16. June 2017. in the Banja Luka, Serbian Geological Society has received letter of thanks for the great contribution and the affirmation of the Geological Survey and geological research on the territory of the Republic of Srpska.

Also, the members of the Serbian Geological Society took the active participation on the III International professional-scientific meeting “Geology of the Republic Srpska and the region”, which was organized during the anniversary.
Once more, we would like to congratulate jubilee to our colleagues from the Geological Survey of the Republic of Srpska and to wish them progress and even better cooperation with the Serbian Geological Society, and to thank them for issuing a letter of thanks.

17th Geological Congress of Serbia
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