The Solemn Ceremony and Scientific Conference Commemorating 125 years of the founding of SGS

A celebratory event was held in the conference hall of the University of Belgrade on 21 October 2016 on the occasion of 125 years of the founding of our Society. The event was attended by numerous guests: representatives of the Serbian scientific community, the Ministry of Mining and Energy, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, geologists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungaria, as well as our members and friends.

Honorary guests were the Presidents of geological scientific societies from the region: Dr Antoneta Seghedi (Romania), Dr Eugenia Tarassova (Bulgaria), Dr Csaba Baksa (Hungary), Dr Spyridon Pavlides (Greece), Dr Matevž Novak (Slovenia), Dr Alojz Filipović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Slobodan Radusinović (Montenegro), Dr Franz Neubauer (Vice-President of the Geological Society of Austria), Dr Michael Neuman (Vice-President of the European Federation of geologists EFG), and Ms. Morana Hernitz-Kučenjak (Secretary of the Geological Society of Croatia).

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The event was opened with the performance of the Collegium Musicum Choir led by conductor Dragana Jovanović, and the welcoming speech of Zoran Stevanović, President of SGS:


3  "Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, this year SGS celebrates its 125 birthday. It has been a long journey through time, longer than any human existence; it was a path that was indeed difficult and covered in thorns, but which also makes all of us who we are currently on the same path – proud and satisfied. The objective of our Society, which has not been changed regardless of times and social circumstances, is incorporated into the first Article of our Statute and reads as follows: "To geologically study Serbian and other lands of the Balkan Peninsula and inform its members and other interested parties of the developments in geology and related sciences".



The working presidency: Academician Vidojko Jović;
Prof. Ivanka Popović, Vice-Rector of the University of Belgrade;
Prof. Aleksandar Grubić, longtime President of SGD

On behalf of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences the meeting was addressed by Vidojko Jović; on behalf of the host, University of Belgrade, by Ivanka Popović; and on behalf of the Serbian Academy of Engineering Sciences by Slobodan Vujić. The participants at the meeting were also greeted by the majority of the honorary guests from abroad, who kindly bestowed our Society with appropriate gifts.

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  Greetings of S. Vujić (left) and E. Tarasova (right).
S.Pavlides (bottom left) and a group of participants

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F. Neubauer, greeting the participants at the meeting and announcing
the upcoming congress of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association
to be held in Salzburg in 2018 (left). M. Neuman (EFG, right)

After a brief presentation by President Z. Stevanović on the current situation in the Society and the awards received on the occasion of the anniversary, the jubilee monograph "125 Years of the Serbian Geological Society" was presented by its editors Aleksandar Grubić and Ljupko Rundić. Richly illustrated with photographs and stories from the history of the Society, the monograph also contains four addenda that describe the work of the Society in specific periods, created – beside the editors - by Milan Sudar and Nenad Banjac.

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  A. Grubić (left) and Lj. Rundić (right) present the monograph

At the end of the first part of the meeting, recognitions were awarded to deserving members of the Society as well as individuals and institutions that have helped with our work and activities. By the decision of the Administration, two medals for outstanding contribution to the work of the Society were awarded. These medals are awarded for "Long-time work on improving the reputation of the Society" and they were presented to Professor Aleksandar Grubić, President of the Society from 1981 to 1982 and from 1998 to 2002. The second medal was also awarded for "Long-time work on improving the reputation of the Society", to Dr Ivan Antonijević who also led our Society in the 20th century, from 1985 in 1987. Charters of the Serbian Geological Society, for many years of successful organisation and implementation of activities of the Society, were awarded to two Presidents who led our Society for two terms of office in the 21st century and significantly helped improve its reputation: Ljupko Rundić and Nenad Banjac.


A. Grubić with the members of the Administration, Vesna Lesić
and Tivadar Gaudenyi after the awards ceremony

 N. Banjac with the award

A plaque of the Serbian Geological Society was awarded to 15 institutions, organisations and individuals who have made a significant contribution to the activities of the Society either as direct participants in the realisation of our programme activities, promoters of the role of our Society, collaborators in achieving its objectives, or as companies that provided significant financial contributions in this jubilee year.

Plaques were awarded to:
Academician Vidojko Jović, SAAS - Department of Mathematics, Physics and Geosciences, Ivanka Popović (Vice-Rector of the University of Belgrade), Živoslav Tešić (President of the Serbian Chemical Society), Dragan Dolić, Djordje Marinović, Nikolaj Zalevski (Director of NTC NIS Naftagas), Snezana Lakićević (Manager in NIS a.d.), Scientific and Technological Centre of NIS Naftagas, Novi Sad, Slobodan Vujić, Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Geological Institute of Serbia, PM Lucas Enterprises Ltd., Zoran Djajić ("The Stone of Serbia").

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Award recipients D. Dolić (left), Dj. Marinović (centre) and
J. Milivojević (Vice-Dean, on behalf of the FMG)

Letters of appreciation for participation and assistance in the activities of the Society were awarded to:
Serbian Chemical Society, Serbian Geomorphology Society, Institute of Water Resources "Jaroslav Czerny" from Belgrade, Rakita Exploration/Freeport - McMoran Exploration Corporation, Rio Sava Exploration from Belgrade, Hidro-geo rad from Belgrade, InSitu d.o.o. from Belgrade, Geosfera from Belgrade, Geoalfa from Belgrade, Centre for Karst Hydrogeology of the FMG Department of Hydrogeology, Laboratory for geothermal energy and energy efficiency of the FMG Department of Hydrogeology, Centre for Hydrogeology of mineral deposits of the FMG Department of Hydrogeology, Marija Kukavica, Ljubinko Savić, Damnjan Novčić, Marina Čokorilo Ilić, Saša Milanović, Ivica Stojanović, Miloš Radonjić, Nataša Geržina, Danica Srećković Batočanin, Nevenka Djerić, Branislav Petrović, Veljko Marinović, Milan Vukićević, Natalija Ćirica, Sanja Marković, Marina Poledica, Danica Stevanović, Kristina Milićević, Ljiljana Vasić, Bogdan Kuzmanović, Miloš Milanković, Jovan Milošević, Marko Mitrović, Ivan Drakulić.


Ž. Tešić, Vice-Rector of the UB
and President of the Serbian Chemical Society

After the unveiling of the SGS memorial plaque in the courtyard of the Rectorate building and a refreshment break, a scientific conference took place in the afternoon. There was a presentation of four plenary papers which were also published in the jubilee volume of SGS Records for 2016. The papers were presented by Rade Jelenković, Ljupko Rundić, Zoran Stevanović, Zoran Radić and Aleksandra Maran Stevanović.

 R. Jelenković reporting on the mineral resources of Serbia
 The Hall atmosphere
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The afternoon session was chaired by N. Banjac and V. Lesić
Left: A modest gift for all the participants



The future of our Society: Marina, Branislav, Bogdan, Natalija,
Danica, Sanja and Veljko

In the evening, a reception was held at the Aero Club for the guests of honour and some of the organisers and awarded colleagues.

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17th Geological Congress of Serbia
Abstract submission deadline is February 20th, 2018.
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