The Cooperation Agreement Signed with the Bulgarian Geological Society

The Cooperation Agreement ("Memorandum of Understanding") between the Geological Societies of Bulgaria and Serbia was signed on 22 October 2016 in the memorial room of Jovan Žujović at the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Kamenička Street 6. On the Bulgarian side the Agreement was signed by the President of the Bulgarian Geological Society Dr Evgenia Tarasova. The content of the Memorandum has been agreed upon during the year 2016 and does not differ significantly from similar agreements that have already been signed with the Hungarian and Romanian geological societies.

It is expected to improve contacts and better inform the members of both societies, and provide an incentive for joint research activities.

Dr Ljupko Rundić, the host on this occasion, acquainted our guest and Dr Mikhail Tarasov with the history of the items and the content of the library kept in the memorial room, as well as with the museum's paleontological collection of FMG. Dr Evgenia Tarasova wrote her impressions about the visit in the memorial book, and modest gifts were exchanged.

Besides the members of the SGS Administration Zoran Stevanović and Ljupko Rundić, the signing of the memorandum was also attended by members of the Society Aleksandra Maran Stevanović and Veljko Marinović, as well as Mikhail Tarasov on the Bulgarian side.

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Photo: Veljko Marinović

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