Celebration of the Anniversary - "125 Years Together"

On Friday, February, 23. 2016. on occasion of 125 Anniversary of the Serbian Geological Society, musical-theater invention "125 Years Together" took place at the Faculty of Mining & Geology. The performance was carried out by actual and past-presidents of the Society Z. Stevanović, N. Banjac and A. Grubić, ethno-music group "Teodulija" led by Ivica Stojanović, actors from Terazije Theater (vocal Mirjana Stojanović), and main organiser Mr. Vladan Cvetković. They performed presidential speeches from earlier anniversaries followed by the songs from related periods.


The Anniversary was joined by presidents of our brother(sister)hood societies: Chemical - Prof. Živoslav Tešić, Vice-Rector of the University of Belgrade; Geographical - Prof. Emeritus Stevan Stanković, and Archaeological - Prof. Dragana Antonović; chairs of main geological organisations and institutions, and many guests and colleagues which participation to this event we highly appreciated.


The wine cocktail been organised in the premises of the Faculty, where the selected wines from winery Stojanović (Slankamen village) been served. The last issues of the Society journal "Zapisnici SGD" been also distributed to all attendants. In the restaurant Old Belgrade (Stari Beograd) the cake "125" was shared among those who organise and conduct this event, which will be the first in this jubilee year.


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