Congress Topics and Abstracts

In these pages you can find information on the topics of the upcoming Congress and you can download the manual and template for the preparation of the abstract.


1. Fundamental geological research (Mineralogy, Crystallography, Petrology and Geochemical analyses and prospection; Regional Geology and Paleontology)
2. Exploration and sustainable usage of mineral resources
3. Geology and development of oil and gas deposits
4. Hydrogeology research and solutions
5. Engineering geology & geotechnical research and solutions
6. Geophysical research and applications
7. Geoeducation, geoheritage and geoecology
8. Student works
9. Open session – free topics


The contributions are published in the form of an extended abstract prepared by the authors on a maximum of 3 + 3 pages (Serbian and English) with at most one graphical contribution. The papers selected by the Scientific Committee and specially designated reviewers in the thematic areas, and their authors will be invited to prepare papers for publication in the journals Annales Geologiques de la Peninsule Balqanique or Compte Rendu of SGS. You can download the manuscript preparation guidelines by the click on the pdf icon, and the abstracts preparation template by the click on the Word icon.


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Author Guidelines  Abstract Template
17th Geological Congress of Serbia
Abstract submission deadline is February 20th, 2018.
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