Conference Fee


Conference fee, without discounts and with on-site payments - 140 € (applies for all payments after March 1, 2018)
Conference fee for early registration
and payment before March 1, 2018 - 120 € *
Conference fee for members of the Geological Societies of Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania (with which SGS has a cooperation agreement) - 100 €
Student conference fee
– 50 €**

Accompanying person - 50 €**

* The discount on conference fee is approved in the amount of 5 € for each annual membership fee paid since the previous congress. On this basis, active members can achieve a maximum discount of € 20. The discount applies only to early applications based on the current members list
** No discount on membership basis

If you see an error in the list of members related to paid fees, please contact the Treasurer of the Society, Dejan Redivojević (dejan.radivojevic (AT)
To issue a bill for legal entities, we also kindly ask you to contact the Treasurer of the Society.


The condition for publishing the contribution is at least one paid registration fee per contribution. One person may be a co-author in several contributions, but in that case at least one conference fee must be paid for each contribution.

The conference fee covers: a collection of abstracts, promotional congress material, gala dinner and coffee breaks.

Payments are made in Serbian dinars to the Society's bank account; convert the amount of the conference fee in euros to dinars on the day of payment at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia.

For participants from abroad, payments are made in euros, based on a banking transaction according to the instructions for foreign currency payments.

The price of the registration fee does not include: accommodation costs, excursions, residence tax, mandatory insurance and processing costs of banking transactions, while the abstract collection and promotional materials of the Congress are not an integral part of the conference fees of the accompanying persons.

Payment instructions

• Participants of the Congress, residents of Serbia, make payments in Serbian dinars to the Society's bank account according to the instructions given in the attachment (under preparation)
• Participants of the Congress from abroad who make payments in euros (EU + former Yugoslav countries) make payments according to the SWIFT payment instruction in euros, which is attached bellow (EUR)
• Participants of the Congresses from abroad who make payments in US dollars (Russia, USA and all other countries), make payments according to the SWIFT payment instruction in US dollars, which is attached bellow (USD)

• We ask Congress participants whose registration fees are paid by their companies to take into account the costs of a banking transaction that is not part of the registration fee

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     Payment Instructions   
     Serbian Dinars (RSD)

  Payment Instructions  
            Euros ()
   Payment Instructions   
         US Dollars ($)

17th Geological Congress of Serbia
Abstract submission deadline is February 20th, 2018.
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